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Tuesday, January 17

Smelly cat(s)...

You know that song on "Friends" that Phoebe used to sing all the time? The one about the smelly cat? Boy, can I relate! Don't know why, but recently both of my beasties have developed the nastiest smelling breath. You know, the kind that makes you gasp for fresh air, reach for the air-freshener, and wonder how anything stays alive with something so foul-smelling coming out of their mouth?

Haven't changed their food, they're eating the same ol' stuff they've always eaten. The vet says their teeth are in excellent condition, they just smell like cats. I don't know what kind of cat breath he smells, but this is not your normal cat fish smell. Oh no... this is something that would gag a maggot or two and make even a mother kitty run and hide. Every time they start grooming and cleaning themselves, which they insist on doing up close and personal, the odor just wafts up to my nose, permeates my olfactory senses, and damn near knocks me over. Kinda smells like dead fish fermenting in a bucket of cat poop. Bleccch!

"Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding yooooooou??" ... it's not their fault, but I have to say - this is one time I'm real glad I don't get any of those sand-papery kitty kisses from my beastie babies!


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