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Sunday, January 8

I'm a Classy Dame!

Snatched this little test from the 2Peas message board, and according to it, I'm one classy dame! But, I knew that! ;) Actually, I'm not sure I go along with all of this - some of the answers just didn't apply - I think I'm a bit wittier and grittier with less flair, but what the hey, it was a bit of diversionary fun and sounds good for an old broad.

The Classic Dames Test

Myrna Loy
You scored 19% grit, 14% wit, 33% flair, and 47% class!

You are class itself, the calm, confident "perfect woman." Men turn and look at you admiringly as you walk down the street, and even your rivals have a grudging respect for you. You always know the right thing to say, do and, of course, wear. You can take charge of a situation when things get out of hand, and you're a great help to your partner even if they don't immediately see or know it. You are one classy dame. Your screen partners include William Powell and Cary Grant, you little simmerpot, you.

Which classic dame are you? Which leading lady of the silver screen stands like a guidepost for your life? Are you street-smart, quick witted and possibly a little dangerous? Or are you stylish and arch, always ready with a cutting remark? Maybe you're a little on the nurturing side, standing calmly alongside your man, all the while running his world for him. See which classic lady (or tramp) you really are.

The Classic Dames Test


At 1/09/2006 2:20 AM, Blogger melissa said...

sounds fun TFS i will have to try this out ;)


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