"I know for sure that everything in life happens to help us live."
Oprah Winfrey

Thursday, January 5

Over and out...

If you're going to interrupt me on MY phone, and take up MY time, I strongly suggest you learn to speak MY language.

So I get this phone call asking for someone I don't recognize. After several attempts to figure out who he wants, it finally clicked that it was me! My new name sounds something like "Mareen". As he continues to babble on incomprehensibly, I politely interrupt and ask him to repeat who he is. In extremely broken English, he tells me he's a "financial consultant". Yeah, okay - like I'm real likely to talk to a financial anybody that I can't understand. So, I politely tell him I'm busy and would he please remove my name from his calling list.

That's when I stopped being polite. The putz had the unmitigated audacity to tell me he "couldn't do that." Uh huh, okay... you got my attention there, buddy! So I do a quick doubletake and say "excuse me?" and he again says "I can't do that" and I say "well, you damn-well better do it - it's the law in this country!" Then he gives me some kind of "I don't have the authority" nonsense and something else about a do-not-call list that he can't put me on. After about another 30 seconds or so of he said, I said, I regained my composure and politely hung up... in his language!



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