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Monday, November 21

Is it just me??

So, we bought this really nice cabinet for the bathroom. I ordered it online and it arrived in a timely manner, intact, with no broken pieces. It's well made and it was a good price... everything should be good. The keyword here is "should". But nah, this is me we're talking about. Things just don't seem to go right the first go-round in my life. I'm starting to get a real complex about it too.

I can't remember the last time we bought something, brought it home and were able to enjoy it from the get-go. There's always something wrong, broken, missing or whatever. For instance, just in this new bathroom alone:

The sconce lights: got them home, opened the box and both lamp shades were bent beyond use; had to chase around Home Depots looking for good ones.

The mirror: got it home, carefully unpackaged it and of course, it was cracked; had to return it for a new one.

Back to the afore-mentioned cabinet: it has 4 drawers and a glass door, all of which are to be pre-drilled and ready to assemble. Got all the drawers, and the glass door wasn't even broke. Woo Hoo! Our luck has changed, right? Nnnnnnnnno. This particular cabinet had 2 pre-drilled drawer fronts and 2 un-drilled drawer fronts.

So we call Customer Service, get all kinds of apologies and an "oh, if you want to drill the holes yourself, we'll knock off $35.00." Lew's not wanting to do that, so they'll send us 2 new pre-drilled drawer fronts. Slooooow forward a full two weeks later (longer than it took to get the thing to begin with,) and we finally get replacement drawer fronts. Not 2, but 3. One is pre-drilled and ready to assemble, one has no holes, and one is the wrong size altogether.

At this point, my tolerance level is shot and Customer Service gets a polite call and a firm insistance that they send the right drawer front pronto by overnight mail 'cause I'm getting real tired of not being able to use the stupid cabinet. This was on Wednesday. Friday I get notification that it has shipped, and today, Monday, I get the package. So much for overnight delivery! Anyway, it is only one drawer front, it is pre-drilled and it does look like the right size. We shall see.

So, what should have been a one-time deal has turned into a month-long pita and I still have 4 stupid drawer fronts that I don't want or need. One customer rep said to send them back, the other one didn't care. I just want them out of my house and need to convince myself that the almighty "they" aren't out to get me and I shouldn't get a complex just because these things go wrong all the time.

It is a nice cabinet though...


At 11/22/2005 4:16 PM, Blogger kajira said...

Congratulations on persevering and getting the right parts! Did you ever once yell at the "customer service rep" on the other end?

I had a situation yesterday and by the time I was done with that call I was on an adrenalin rush. I really need to take it down a notch!

Maybe you can sell the drawer fronts on eBay? Seems everyone wants anything there.

Anxious to see the "after" pics!! Have a good Thanksgiving if we don't "type" beforehand!

At 11/23/2005 1:19 AM, Blogger Kathy said...

I enjoy your stories! This was a good one.


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