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Oprah Winfrey

Sunday, October 23

Go 'Skins, Go 'Skins!!...

San Francisco (1-4) @ Washington (3-2)

Redskins - 52
49ers - 17

How sweet it is! Loving this season's offense! I'm loving Santana Moss and Clinton Fortis too - we may have us another Art Monk and John Riggins. It's nice not having to deal with Jerry Rice but this is ridiculous. What's happened to the 49ers? They were better than this. 35-7 in the first half? We didn't score this much in all of last season! Unbelievable. Half-time in their locker room is not going to be pretty.

To be continued...

Interception in the top of the 3rd quarter - touchdown! 42-7 - I'm not believing my eyes... I don't think we've had any turnovers either - what a difference from the last two games. Arrington's doing a good job too off the bench - at least one sack.

I'm still stunned - San Francisco just didn't used to be this bad... but I'm not complaining! A win's a win...


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