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Thursday, October 20

We have walls... (Christy, luv - this one's for you!)

Construction update

Oh joy! We have actual rooms and closets and all. It's just too cool. My basement has been a thorn in my rear for at least a bazillion years and I don't know how to act with all this extra, usable space. Now, there's nothing spectactular about this space, they're just plain, ol' dusty* rooms, but just the idea of being organized and orderly is more than I can stand. No more tripping over everything or worrying about my basement being a candidate for the local fire department's training drills.

There's going to be a place for everything and everything in it's place. How have I lived here so long without this simple luxury??

So, for anyone interested besides my darling granddaughter (tell daddy to take a peek), here's a link with pictures of the progress so far -
Basement Redo

*And I do mean dusty! Wallboard dust all over the place and more to come. The finisher (spackling, taping, sanding, etc.) starts tomorrow.


Good Lord, we have shopped til I'm ready to drop! You just don't think of everything that goes into furnishing a couple of rooms from the inside out. Just the bathroom itself has entailed looking at (and looking and looking and looking!), choosing and buying a toilet, vanity/sink, faucet, flooring, exhaust fan, paint, lighting, a cool cabinet, rugs, towels, and accessories - towel bars, tissue holder, tissue box, tumbler, soap pump, etc., etc. I'm glad we decided that the two baths upstairs are sufficient for bathing/showering, even when we have a houseful of company. If I had to choose a shower curtain or closure, I'd screech. The contractor will supply the ceiling tile after we tell him what to get. Oh, and a mirror - we still need to get a mirror.

We also have a ceiling light for the new room, but still need to get shelving for all the closets and storage wall.

Reflux Repercussions

Lovely, just lovely. I have to have another endoscopy on Friday. I keep getting recurring esophogeal pain and discomfort in spite of the medications I'm taking. Makes it a real pita to eat. Soooooo, my gastro doctor wants to take another peek to make sure nothing else is going on besides what appears to be an infection. She thinks, as does my lung doctor, that it may be caused by the steroidal inhaler I use. I need the inhaler to breathe and I need the acid reflux meds to keep that in check. The medication required to get rid of the esophgeal infections causes liver problems over time, so I can't keep taking it. If we can't get this whole thing under control, I think I'm screwed. Ergggg! I hate dealing with Catch 22s.


At 10/21/2005 12:22 PM, Blogger kajira said...

Marianne, girlfriend. It looks -- DONE!! Not finished, but DONE!! Well done, too. I can't wait to see the pics when you get all that fancy stuff you shopped for installed and everything wiped down for "wall dust."

I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems. I have reflux too but I take a 24 hour a day pill for it. Once in a while it's not enough but I find it's easily fixed by changing my eating prior to bed.

I've never had an endoscopy. Sounds icky. Let me now how it goes, okay? I'll be praying for you!!!

At 10/23/2005 10:54 PM, Blogger me said...

Hey girl! Nice to see you over here. :)

Would you believe I take two(!) aciphex a day for the reflux? For the most part, that's under control, it's the inhalers that are causing the problem. The endoscopy's not bad at all - I never remember it! The goofy anesthesia they use does that.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and many thanks for your good thoughts. :)


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