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Sunday, October 30

C'mon Tuesday!

So, with all the rain we've had, our construction got pushed back while James (the contractor) caught up on his other job, which I'm assuming is an outside one - everytime it rains, we have to wait. That means nothing got painted Thursday. They're now scheduled to return Monday and Tuesday to finish up their part, including plumbing and electrical, and I'm told I should be able to tinkle in my potty Tuesday night. We shall see.

'Course this now means that they'll have to be extra careful finishing up because the bathroom floor man came Friday, as scheduled. They mess up my floor again and they'll wish they'd never come back! James assures us it will be carefully covered up. *sigh* The best laid plans...

Anyway, I'm sooooo pleased with the floor. It looks much better on my floor than it did in the store. Take a peek...

I'm a happy camper... today.


At 10/31/2005 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marianne: I love your floor! I'll bet you're so happy that it's finally installed.....TTYL Peggy aka Peggylynn

At 10/31/2005 6:10 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

I love it! I hope you are tinkling in there very soon.


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