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Thursday, December 7

Thursday Thirteen - Edition One: Bows, bows, and more bows

In keeping with the holiday spirit, my first Thursday Thirteen is about Christmas decorations.

Thirteen Ways We've Decorated Outside- Past & Present

1. a decorated door wreath w/big red bow - present

2. sidelight window w/hanging Christmas "welcome" greeting - present

3. Christmas door mat - present

4. Christmas-themed welcome garden banner - present

5. mixed greenery w/bow on each of 4 windows - present

6. lighted garland w/bow wrapped around lampost - present

7. huge wreath w/bows above garage door - past (we just had new siding installed and don't want to put holes in it... yet)

8. greenery w/ribbon atop mailbox - present

9. draped garland w/bows on both side fences - present

10. lighted wreath w/bow on both gates - present

11. spotlights on windows, door, etc. - present

12. electric candles in each window (inside) - present

13. trees w/bows - past (we used to have two huge evergreens in front of the house, and covered them in red bows at Christmas. Alas, they are no more. Determined to revert to their natural state and take over the whole front yard, we cut them down)

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At 12/07/2006 11:04 PM, Blogger ~**Dawn**~ said...

your house sounds lovely all decked out for the holidays1 i bet all it needs now is a blanket of snow... ;-)

At 12/08/2006 2:27 PM, Blogger Tug said...

I love driving around looking at all of the decorations...thanks for the visual!


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