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Thursday, April 17

Reading Report -

(This is my 2nd reading challenge report)

#1. A book with a color in its title.
Whitethorn Woods
- Maeve Binchy

Book Description: (from Amazon) When a new highway threatens to bypass the town of Rossmore and cut through Whitethorn Woods, it will also destroy St. Ann’s well, where people have been coming for generations to share their dreams and speak their prayers. Some believe the well to be a place of true spiritual power, demanding protection; others think it’s a mere magnet for superstitions, easily sacrificed. Maeve Binchy creates a rich spectrum of men and women, all with passionate opinions, who are drawn into this timely conflict between the traditions of the past and the promises of the future.

Maeve Binchy is a wonderful storyteller and one of my favorite novelists. I've always loved the charming and diverse characters/families we come to know as we weave our way through her richly detailed Irish stories. So, I was looking forward to settling in for a good, entertaining read but I must admit, I was a little disappointed.

While the book contains her trademark
descriptive style and in-depth character development, the format is a departure from her usual long and winding storytelling. Rather than a novel, it's more a collection of short stories with a common theme, St. Ann's well, and I found it difficult keeping the numerous characters who asked for St. Ann's help connected. I suppose I've just grown accustomed to her "predictable" format and need to expand my reading habits.

It was still an enjoyable read but not quite as satisfying as I've come to expect with Ms. Binchy's books.

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At 4/17/2008 3:45 PM, Blogger Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great review Marianne! I read this book last year when it first came out, and thought basically the same thing. Not quite as good as many I've read of hers in the past, but still a fairly enjoyable read.

I read a couple for this challenge early in the year, but have been lax lately. I need to get back on the wagon :)

Have a great day!

At 4/19/2008 11:47 AM, Anonymous Beverly said...

I haven't read any of this author's books. I'll have to give them a "look see".

Thanks for sharing your review.


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