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Friday, January 9

"Say Kids, What Time Is It?"

I don't know why these things pop up in my head, but how many of you remember...

"It's Howdy Doody Time"
(by Edward Kean)

It's Howdy Doody time,

It's Howdy Doody time,

Bob Smith and Howdy Doo

Say Howdy Doo to you.

Lets give a rousing cheer,

'Cause Howdy Doody's here.

It's time to start the show,

So kids, let's go!

We didn't have a television back then, but our neighbors did so that's where I saw it. After school at first and then at some point, it was on on Saturdays.

The show took place in Doodyville, a circus town which had both puppet and human inhabitants. It typically had a short film, a song or two and visits by the various residents of Doodyville.

There was Buffalo Bob and Clarabell, the clown. And Princess Summerfall Winterspring. And Flubadub and Mr. Bluster too. And the Peanut Gallery! We can't forget that. That's what the audience of kids was called. Everyone wanted to sit in the Peanut Gallery!

A little Howdy trivia:
  • the first Clarabell was played by Bob Keeshan, who then went on to play the ever-popular Captain Kangaroo.
  • Howdy Doody was the first regular network series in color.
  • supposedly Mr. Smith got his name "Buffalo Bob" from the Sycapoose Indians. Actually, Bob Smith was from Buffalo, New York!
  • throughout the show's run Clarabell never spoke, just honked his horn and sprayed seltzer at Buffalo Bob, until the very end of the final episode. As the camera moved in for a close-up, Clarabell tearfully whispered... "Goodbye kids."
*sniff* Fun memory!



At 1/10/2009 12:29 AM, Blogger Laurie said...

Those were the good old days, I miss them. I loved Kaptain Kangaroo, also. I had a shoe box I put my crayons and things in for craft time, loved Mr. Moose, Mr. Green Jeans, and Grandfather clock. Too bad todays kids will never experience the good programs we had.

At 1/10/2009 11:17 AM, Blogger Jedi Sue said...

Actually, Bob Smith was from Buffalo, New York!

Ahh, you beat me to it! Lots of good stuff comes from Buffalo *Ü*

At 1/11/2009 1:49 PM, Blogger Heather said...

my mom was on the howdy doody show for an episode.
and my dad just won a box set cd of the shows that he will be giving to catherine!


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