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Monday, April 20

40 days and 40 nights...

Okay, okay, so I exaggerate a bit, but it sure seems like it's been raining that long. This is definitely taking the April showers thing just a little too far. If it gets any wetter around here, I'll be sprouting gills! I wanna get on with the May flowers thing. I want warmth and sunshine and digging in the dirt, not icy puddles and mudpies. My trusty little desk-side heater has been working overtime this month!

On the other hand,
as I gaze out my patio door and watch the squirrels scurry around in its verdant lushness, it's hard not to be reminded of my go-to response to cold and rainy weather complaints...it's good for the grass. Lew can attest to that. The sun came out long enough over the weekend so he could cut it, but with more rain today, you can almost see it grow another inch before your very eyes. And we won't even talk about all the healthy weeds that are making an appearance.

Aren't those six weeks predicted by that PA rodent waaaay over?

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At 4/21/2009 12:50 AM, Blogger Laurie said...

Here Here!! Only in this yard, the weeds keep the lawn green!!

At 4/22/2009 1:02 PM, Blogger Desert Songbird said...

We're well into our hot weather around here now. Yuck.


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