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Tuesday, February 24

Oh my...

... the memories he engenders. I saw Tom Jones on The View this morning and for a dude pushing 70, he's still not bad atall... gray hair notwithstanding!

Back in the day, when he first came on the U.S. scene, oh.my.heart.and.soul! It wasn't the face so much (but oh, those bedroom eyes!) as it was that sexy voice and those lovely tight pants that left precious little to the imagination.
What a powerful voice and oh, could the man move that hunka-hunk of a body! Oh yes!

I can't remember how many times my girlfriend Ruthie and I saw him in concert. We rarely missed a show when he appeared at the Shady Grove Theater in Montgomery County MD. With it's circular stage, we could see all angles of his, uhmmm... manliness... as he moved about the stage, dodging the panties and keys that got thrown up there with him. Fun times!

Of course the critics were ready to pounce, and said he'd never be a career singer. Claimed that powerful voice wouldn't last because of its raw raucousness and he'd never make it long term. Ha! well, I guess he showed them!

For sure, his voice is not as powerful as it was 40-some years ago, but whose is? And okay, he's put a bit of paunch and pounds onto that sexy bod and had some face work done (which is why he wears the goatee,) but hey, you wouldn't catch me beating him off with a stick!

And then, there was also Englebert Humperdinck. Totally different style... more romantic and elegant ... but uh huh, yes -- what a voice. And another set of those eyes.

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At 2/25/2009 11:39 AM, Blogger Laurie said...

Ah yes Marianne! Wonderful memories from "yesteryear" What kids now adays have missed out on! You mention Tom Jones and they look at you like you've went off the deep end! But we have our memories and we cherish them! I remember my grandaughter asking me who the Beatles were! At that point, I turned old! But not in my mind, I'm still just as young!
I gave you a blog award, details on mine!
Have a great day!

At 2/26/2009 3:11 PM, Anonymous Bevery said...

I recorded The View, and I watched him last night. My mother had a "thing" for Tom and Englebert Humperdinck. I bet if I looked through a box of old albums I have, I would find some of hers from both of them.

I'm with you. I thought he looked pretty good.


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