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Friday, February 6

One spoiled feline!

Last month Giant had precooked, frozen crab legs on sale. Thinking that might be another way to get my crab leg fix, we bought some and put them in the freezer. Whereupon I promptly forgot about them. In this week's flyer, I noticed they had crab legs on sale and mentioned it to Lew, who was quick to remind me that we already had some that needed eating. Duh! These senior moments are disconcerting!

So, anyway, we decided to have the legs for dinner tonight (so we can get more tomorrow) and made preparations for our mini, wintery crab feast. Newspaper on the kitchen table - check. Paper towels - check. Shell bowl and shell crackers - check. Butter warmers - check. Cat begging at the table - check. Legs being heated in the oven (per a reheating method I read about) - check. Wait, wait -- back up. Cat at the table? Oh yes, there she sat, on a vacant chair, all ready for (and expecting!) her share.

Now, generally speaking, and except for hubby and grandkids if I'm feeling extremely generous, I don't share my crablegs with anyone. As in pick it and give it away! Oh no, I go about the serious business of picking my own crab, and eating every single morsel all by myself. I'm greedy that way. This night, however, I had this pair of big, luminous slate-blue eyes silently boring a hole through me and a furry little paw occasionally batting at my fingers whenever I wiped them. Sucker that I am for blue eyes, I finally caved. Not only did she get some crab meat, but she got some of the very best part from that part of the claw closest to the body. The beast has nooooo idea how spoiled she is!!

The house smells like a fishing boat but it sure was worth it -- cat paws and all.

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At 2/06/2009 10:42 PM, Blogger Laurie said...

Yeah Marianne, we have the same thing here. I can't resist Chips eyes when I'm eating his favorite, yogurt. I'd so much like to finish it without sharing, but he makes it so impossible. Our pets don't know how great they have it!

At 2/07/2009 9:05 AM, Blogger Desert Songbird said...

Oh no you didn't!

At 2/08/2009 5:39 PM, Blogger ~**Dawn**~ said...

Poor kitty would have starved if it were me! I am totally challenged when it comes to retrieving crab meat out of the legs! LOL


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