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Wednesday, February 18

Procrastination pays

Sometimes it's not such a bad thing to wait. In last week's sale insert, Safeway had asparagus for $1.99/lb. Whoa, great price! So, we got a pound, which were delicious, and I told Lew we really should get more to freeze since they were such a good deal.

Well, as things usually happen around here, one thing led to another and that idea got pushed back until yesterday. Which, was the last day for the sale. I figured they probably wouldn't have any left, but what the hey, Lew made a quick trip to the store anyway and boy, did that work out! Not only did they still have some but they were also marked down to $1.68/lb! Don'tcha just love when that happens?

So, slicing, blanching, and chilling were the first thing on the agenda this AM and we've now got five bags of asparagus freezing.

Either my domesticity is working overtime lately or I'm more concerned about the economy than I thought!!



At 2/18/2009 4:45 PM, Blogger Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I got some today at the store also, and it was 1.99 a pound. That's about as low as it goes here. Wish I had enough Martha in me to put some up in the freezer, but I don't. :) I don't have a clue how to blanch and chill them, as you said. So, we just enjoy asparagus in the spring when the prices come down. We usually grill them :) However, I'll probably throw them in the oven tonight. We were going to grill out tonight, but it just started raining. Phooey :)

Have a great day!

At 2/18/2009 5:35 PM, Blogger Laurie said...

My favorite vegetable of all time! Dad started an asparagus patch before he died, and unfortunatley didn't get to have any before he died. But the patch has grown strong, and we are enjoying the fruits of his labor every summer. Until then it's wait for the sales here, too.

At 2/19/2009 12:56 PM, Blogger Desert Songbird said...

No one in my family likes asparagus, so I have to eat it when I go out.

You're good about buying on sale and stockpiling. Me, I'm lazy. I just eat what's around in season!


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