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Tuesday, May 5

Glug, glug...

Jeez, enough with this rain already! Somebody turn off the faucet up there! I've got flowers to plant!

In the past couple of weeks we've picked up some annuals (and a few perennials) for planting and potting, but instead of acclimating themselves to some new dirt, they've been cooling their roots in the garage, waiting for a reasonable planting day to come along. Maybe all this rain is Mother Nature's way of ensuring they don't get into the ground until our 'safe' time of Mother's Day, and okay, I get the message, but really, Ma, enough is enough. All this watery murkiness is just depressing!

The grass, however, is growing like crazy!



At 5/06/2009 1:24 PM, Blogger ~**Dawn**~ said...

Send that down here! We're all dried up & brown & dead. =(

At 5/06/2009 1:59 PM, Blogger Desert Songbird said...

We're into our dry and very, very warm weather now. At least as the vegetation dies off, my allergies will go away!

At 5/26/2009 3:23 PM, Anonymous Beverly said...

Marianne, you okay? I'm missing your posts.


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