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Oprah Winfrey

Monday, June 1

All creatures...

...not so great or small. Ack!! My granddaughter was attacked by a dog -- a huskie/shepherd type -- today!! She's okay, just very sore and shaken.

In her job as a veterinary assistant, she and another staff member were holding the pooch while the vet performed an examination. The beast, apparently taking issue with getting a shot, turned aggressive, escaped its muzzle, and attacked her, biting her left hand. Subsequently, it chased the staff member onto a table top before the owner could be fetched to calm it down! Phew!

She has seven puncture wounds, one of which was rather severe with "stuff" hanging out, and would normally require stitches. Since they don't close up bite wounds with stiches to alleviate infectious bacteria complications, she's all taped, bandaged, and full of antibiotics. She goes back to the doctor on Friday to have it checked. Thank goodness it wasn't worse.

She has such a great attitude. She's always had a passion for animals but fully realizes the risks involved in working with them. While this incident has left her shaken, it has also left her with a determination to just be more cautious in the future. When I asked her if she had any doubts about returning to the job, she said, "oh mommaw, nooooo! It's like riding a bike...
when you fall off, you just get back on."

I love this child! :)

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At 6/02/2009 4:17 PM, Anonymous elaine Bige said...

Sorry to hear about Christy, poor thing. Like her attitude, though. Are those canine teeth???

At 6/02/2009 8:47 PM, Blogger marianne said...

No, those would be incisors... ;p

At 6/02/2009 10:01 PM, Blogger Laurie said...

Marianne it brought back memories of when I was chased down by a very aggressive german shepard, and bitten quite badly. The owners neighbor had to get him away from me with a steel clothes pole. I feel the way Christy did though, and still love all dogs with my whole heart. I'm so glad she's ok, bless her!

At 6/05/2009 6:52 PM, Anonymous Cindy said...

She is a strong woman. I'm so thankful that she is okay and not afraid to go on.


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