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Sunday, September 4

Photographs and Memories...

We've all seen so many heartbreaking images this past week, but I saw another one on Yahoo last night that grabbed my heart again. It was a professional photograph of what looked like a middle-aged couple. They appeared to be well-dressed and smiling, their heads turned slightly towards one another; clearly a special photograph of maybe a special time. Maybe it was an annual anniversary photo. Maybe it had been a gift photo of someone's parents. Or, maybe it was just taken for no other reason than the desire to have a nice photograph of themsleves.

It doesn't really matter now though. It lies half-buried in the Biloxi sand, torn and shattered, the image mostly destroyed by the sand and water it lies in. It lies among piles of splintered wood and twisted metal and broken glass. Damaged beyond repair. A poignant reminder of happier times.

I think about crazy things when tragedy happens and I couldn't help but ache for the owners of the photograph. I can't imagine anything happening to my pictures; I don't know what I'd do. These people lost so much more than a picture though. They may have lost everything they owned. It may be that their whole life was lying in that pile of rubble on the beach. A lifetime of memories.

I hope the couple in the photograph made it through the storm. I hope that even though that photograph is lost, they still have each other. I hope they go on to make many more memories and have many more photographs taken. Most of all, I hope that they aren't damaged beyond repair.


At 9/09/2005 9:58 AM, Blogger kajira said...

Hiya girlie!

Hey, Marianne, I've lost all my stuff. It wasn't as newsworthy as hundreds of thousands all at once losing everything. But to me it was a horror. I took pics all my life (from about age 8 upward) and had over 10,000 (approx) photographs that I lost, along with my car, furniture, keepsakes, etc. It took a very long time for me to get over it. Once in a while it still jabs at me like a sharp stick, but not as often anymore. The things I miss the most are the pictures. I've been on a spending spree ever since I got "stable" again to fill my space with things I'd lost. Now I'm living in a small apartment with LOTS of stuff, and nowhere to put it. I often wonder if I were found dead or something, if there'd be a TV camera in here saying I lived "in packrat conditions." But No! You can see my floor! :)

Anyway, I saw a pic, too, in one of the newscasts. It was haunting. But the things that haunt me the most are the pets. I saw a white kitty sitting on a porch step screaming over and over and over. Never stopping for a breath. You could just see his/her little mouth opening and closing constantly, without a pause. And everyone who's there had to pass it by. The newscaster said he'd gotten an email from a friend of his that said that if "he didn't pick up that cat that was screaming for help, he didn't have a soul." But he could do nothing.

It makes me so sad.

Sorry to go on so. I have so much to say and nowhere to say it. I swore off it on my blog. Nobody was coming to see it anymore! :(


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