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Monday, December 11

Sunday catch up...

Okay, finally caught up with this one - a day late for me, but what the hey -

Sorry for the delay in posting today's questions. My parents came by for a visit today, and
I took them to dinner at a local popular seafood restaurant. My dad says his doctor wants him to lose 40 pounds, but he seems to be on his typical "see-food" diet. In any case, tonight's dinner was not only tasty, but it provided the inspiration for a new question.

Name up to seven of your favorite items to eat in a seafood restaurant.

1. crab legs w/butter

2. crab cakes

3. fried shrimp

4. stuffed shrimp

5. tuna steak

6. fried bay scallops

7. sauteed lump crabmeat

So much for low fat diets!


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