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Friday, January 19

Stuff Portrait Friday: Remote

Hooray! Our hostess, Kristine and SPF is back, and brings with her a new requirement - only one photo each week. This week's assignment is: Remote(s)

Note the wear and tear on the "mute" and "vol" buttons. I'm forever turning it down for those obnoxiously LOUD commercials, and just mute it for the really obnoxious ones. Another one of those "best thing since sliced bread" inventions!

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At 1/19/2007 10:06 PM, Blogger Kristine said...

My 'LAST' button is worn out. I am always switching between channels if i'm not Tivo'ing stuff because I can't commit to a television show.

I'm glad you played!!

At 1/20/2007 7:24 AM, Blogger Nancy Maxwell James said...

you crack me up!!! our clicker is fairly new because of switching cable providers but I bet it will look like this one day soon! :)

At 1/20/2007 10:23 AM, Anonymous Janet said...

oh, how I heart Tivo! No more commercials!

At 1/20/2007 6:16 PM, Blogger Dawn said...

We have one remote that is almost completly worn...every button is just a gray blob now.

take care,

At 1/22/2007 2:43 PM, Blogger ~**Dawn**~ said...

annoying commercials = those starring Peyton Manning. =P


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