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Monday, January 4

Slowly, but surely...

... the Christmas decorations are coming down and making their way back into their respective storage boxes for another year.

In spite of the lists Lew made last year that itemize what each box held, the living room and downstairs are still an array of filled and partially-filled containers, along with numerous "where the hell does this go?" items. The lists have definitely made it easier, but still, 'tis a mess.

Back in the day, when all I could afford was an additional ornament for the tree each year, it was all a lot more mangageable. In succeeding years, however, I became one of those kind who had to add to our Christmas collection of decorations each year. (I'm especially fond of on-line after holiday sales.) This meant more containers to hold stuff in, which meant finding more room in the back basement to store said containers and... well, you get the idea. Things were getting out of hand... and, we were running out of room!

So, while we were at it this year, we decided we really needed to purge some of this stuff; outdated, unused or unusable, "where did this come from?" stuff. So far, we've managed to empty one whole container to donate, dispose of, or recycle. Things are getting rearranged as we go, which will, or course, necessitate new lists. It's a slow process, but we're getting there.

On the plus side, I've only added one after-Christmas sale item this year!

Now to find a place to tuck it away.

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At 1/11/2010 11:08 AM, Blogger ~**Dawn**~ said...

I just dismantled Christmas yesterday. Amazing how much I have accumulated, between ornaments that I received as gifts through the years, some that belonged to my Gram, some my Dad gave me from our trees during my childhood (so he could make room for more new ones on his own tree!) and others I've added myself. It's amazing how bare my home suddenly is. Thank God for snowflakes & snowmen that can stay up all Winter! I'm always so sad to see my tree go.


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