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Tuesday, September 7

More summer doings...

For about 20 years, when one of us hasn't driven all the way, we've picked up/returned the grandkids about halfway between our house in MD and theirs in SC. Our meeting place has been a Long John Silver's restaurant in Pulaski, VA. Surprisingly, "our" booth and table have almost always been empty, just waiting for us to get there. Kinda like going "home," you know?

So, on a Saturday in mid-July, we drove on down and 4-1/2 hours later, as we neared the restaurant, I could see that, hmmm... something didn't look quite right. No bright yellow sign, no little banners flapping in the breeze, and no cars, little or otherwise, in the parking lot. Oh, no... it was closed!!! I mean, CLOSED, as in Out. Of. Business! How could they do that to us??
This was family tradition they were messing with! I mean, really - a little advance notice would've been nice! Jeez, people!

For sale or rent and closed up tighter than a drum


So, we quick found another place to meet up that day (thank goodness for cell phones!) but bemoaned the fact that we'd have to find a new meeting place for subsequent trips. (More on this further down.)

Jim, Chris, and Tammy at temporary meeting place -
listening intently to something brilliant I'm saying! ;)

me and Michael - not a clue what I'm
to but what a face!

We always enjoy summers with the boys and this year was no exception. We didn't do anything extra special, but spent many hours at the lake picnicking, swimming, and just enjoying.

waiting for the grill to get hot for hamburgers

Chris and Michael honing their scuba skills

Chris practicing floating

Michael practicing swimming

For the return trip to take the boys back, my brother John and lovely sis-in-law Lynne came to the rescue and we met at their place in NC. (This could be the start of a new tradition!) And, we got to see Christy and then-2 month old Baby B as a bonus!

hard to believe my little girl is now a mommy...
and such a good mommy, too!

the little guy just loooves his grandpa...
warms my heart :)

sucking on mommaw's finger -
no milk there, sweetheart

playing with and smiling for his mommy

our wonderful host and hostess, Bro John and Lynne

We had a great summer and I hope you all did too!!

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At 9/07/2010 12:22 PM, Blogger Laurie said...

What a happy time Marianne, and the baby is beautiful!

At 9/08/2010 3:55 PM, Blogger Lew said...

It has been an exciting and fun summer!


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