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Monday, September 12

10 Memories From MY School Years...

Everybody's doing it - this week's Meme Challenge is 10 fun/crazy/silly memories from your years in school.

  1. Must've been kindergarten, or maybe 1st grade, but I remember hiding under the piano. Don't know why, but I definitely remember being under there and the teacher trying to coax me out. At least then I could run and hide; now I've got to bite the bullet and deal with my basic shyness.

  2. Can't forget the beautifully decorated Valentine's Day boxes that everyone put their Valentine cards into. After they were passed out, we compared numbers to see who got what.

  3. In 1st or 2nd grade, having to go from class to class, standing up in front of everyone reciting a poem I wrote that the teacher thought was wonderful. Embarrassing.

  4. Probably about 4th grade - being mortified with a kinky ol' home permanent my mom insisted on giving me. I went to school with a scarf hiding my hair and wouldn't take it off even in the classroom, until the teacher made me.

  5. In 7th grade sneaking lipstick. I'd wait until I got on the bus to put it on and take it off before I got home. My big-mouthed older sister squealed on me -- she did that a lot back then.

  6. In 9th grade, being totally humiliated by the guys who called me "T-shirts" all the time because I was flat-chested. One even wrote in my yearbook "ashes to ashes, dust to dust, what's a sweater, without a bust?" *sigh* Talk about kids being mean -- no wonder I had a complex!!

  7. Having to test everything we cooked in Home Ec class. I'll never forget the first thing that witch of a teacher made us eat... prune whip. Blecccch!

  8. Cutting history class regularly in high school to hang out with my buddies at the local pizza joint -- jawing, drinking Pepsi and listening to the juke box. I failed history that year.

  9. Being on the Pep Squad and rooting for the home football team. Maroon and White, fight, fight!

  10. Sitting on the stage with the other honors graduates to receive my honors recognition in Shorthand -- 140 words/min.

I wasn't crazy about school. :-O


At 9/13/2005 4:43 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

great memories Marianne!


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