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Saturday, December 23

Kudos, USPS!!...

As this, the busiest week of the year for our belabored and underappreciated U. S. Postal Service, draws to a close, I want to shout out nothing but kudos, atta boys (and girls,) and way to gos!! Your performance has been beyond stellar!

Like many, I did a good bit of on-line shopping this year. And, like many, I waited anxiously for everthing to arrive on time for me to wrap and then ship out again to our kids and theirs, scattered 'round and about the countryside... CO, TX, AZ, NJ, WV, and SC, to be precise.

Well, the USPS has been at its best this year, simply its best. We mailed six (6) packages last Saturday to SC, priority mail. They arrived Monday. We mailed a late comer (ordered in November, but that's another story!) to SC on Wednesday, hoping it might get there by today, but also thinking oh well, after Christmas was still better than not at all. It arrived yesterday. Whoa, impressive stuff, right?

Wait, there's one more. A real late-comer, which didn't arrive here until Wednesday, got mailed to SC on Thursday, again with us figuring it'll just have to be a day or so late. Well, Ta Da! and miracle of all miracles, it arrived today! Everyone has their Christmas presents... on time!

Way to go, post office, way to go! I am so impressed I can't stand it! Merry, Merry Christmas... and thank you! :-D

Merry Christmas!


At 12/28/2006 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree. i was completely impressed too! i thought for sure i was cutting it a little too closely this year but everything arrived before Christmas!


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