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Monday, December 18

Christmas/Holiday Potpourri

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Christmas/Holiday Potpourri

1. Do you get stressed-out over the holidays? If so, what stresses you out the most?

I refuse to stress! In my younger days, I stressed about everything and it got me absolutely nowhere except, well... stressed. Now, I just do what I can and don't worry about it. If everything gets done, fine, and if not, oh well, better luck next year.

2. Have you ever eaten chestnuts?

as in roasted on an open fire?? I don't think so. Do water chestnuts count?

3. Do you have a special recipe you make during the holidays and if so what is it?

not really, unless you count Watergate Salad, also known as that green stuff with marshmallows. Oh wait, that's a lie - I usually make a rum cake too.

4. Have you ever had Carolers come to you door?

yes, and it's very nice - we enjoy them.

5. Do you wish for snow on Christmas/The Holidays?

yeah, kinda - it's so lovely and pretty, and fills that childhood ideal of a perfect white Christmas.


At 12/18/2006 10:49 PM, Anonymous Liz said...

Hi Marianne,
Thanks for playing Miss Elainie. I like the music here. I perked right up when I heard it. LOL
Have a wonderful day.
p.s. My blog site is password protected. If you want to visit just email me at: septembersmelody@kgldcable.com for the username and password. Miss Elainie is my meme site only.


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