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Wednesday, December 13

Wednesday Mind Hump: December 13

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Hello all! We're going to do a winter theme for today's Mind Hump.

1. What kind of weather is winter bringing your area right now?

cold, cold, cold - cold enough to crawl under flannel sheets, thermal blanket, and a cozy quilt when I go to bed

2. What's your favorite way to warm up during winter?

snuggled up in my favorite chair by the fireplace, wrapped in a soft, fleece throw my sister-in-law made for me

3. Which celebrity would you want to engage in a snowball fight?

don't think I want to engage anyone in a snowball fight!

4. Tell us about one of your favorite childhood memories of winter.
we didn't have a sled, so when it snowed, we'd hide and wait for a car to slowly turn the corner to go down an icy, snowy hill; then we'd quick run and grab hold of the bumper, squat down, and slide down the hill on our booted feet, letting go at about the time the car picked up speed. Not the "brightest bulb in the lamp" thing to do, but it sure was fun at the time!


At 12/13/2006 12:38 PM, Blogger ~**Dawn**~ said...

nothing like being bundled up, warm & cozy. =)

At 12/15/2006 3:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stay warm, and thanks for humping!


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