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Monday, December 11

The Season of Giving...

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1. Do you stick to a holiday shopping list or do you just shop blindly?

a little of both; I usually have a general idea of what I want to get for many and my inner cash register sends me the necessary ka-ching messages if I get too blind. I definitely need lists for the grands though, since I don't see them all the time.

2. When gift giving, do you feel you aren’t giving enough?
not so much anymore. I just do the best I can with the info I have and hope the recipients are pleased.

3. Do you feel guilty if someone gives you a Christmas gift and you don’t reciprocate?
Somewhat, but not like I used to. I've learned that this giving and receiving stuff goes both ways. If someone is kind enough to give me a gift, the very least I can do is receive their gift with grace and gratitude, rather than guilt. Receiving gracefully is a gift in itself.

4. Are you getting more or less Christmas cards than you have in the past?

I'd say less - we've lost many friends and family in recent years and I don't send out as many as I used to either. Mostly to those I don't see on a regular basis.

5. Do you think big business has pushed Christmas at us to early?

Oh puh-leeze! Don't even get me started! I am so disgusted with the Christmas marketing tactics that we've become bombarded with earlier and earlier every year. Thanksgiving doesn't even seem to exist anymore.


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