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Thursday, February 1

No more - I'm done - I want it gone...

I've had, had, had it! Get this piece of crap out of my life!

In the summer of '05 we had a new heating/AC system installed - a heat pump. I am soooooo NOT impressed! While it performs acceptably in terms of heating and cooling, this beast is the noisiest piece of equipment I've ever had the misfortune to have to listen to!! It consists of an inside unit, which is fine and lovely and... quiet; so quiet you hardly know it's on. On the other hand, the outside unit more than makes up for the lack of noise inside. The damn thing sounds like a jet plane revving up for take off and has gotten progressively noisier in the last season, particularly during the winter months.

The final straw came recently when we got a cold snap and temperatures dipped into the teens. The monster kicked on in the middle of the night and woke me up from a perfectly good, sound sleep! So now I've got the distinct pleasure of being served my nightly noises in stereo - my foghorn snorer on one side and this miserable beast through my bedroom window on the other.

Not only is it annoying as hell to me, but I'm sure the neighbors just looooove us as this thing roars throughout the neighborhood! It's embarassing.

At the moment, I'm patiently waiting for the HVAC guy to come and DO something about the situation ... he'd better not tell me "well, that's just the nature of the beast." I swear, I'll smack the snot outta him!

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