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Monday, June 11

Kitty Saga - Part 3

Well, we're finally down to one. Being at the mercy of the hours at Animal Control, we've had to stagger when we set the trap and could take the kitties in. We caught two kittens the first day (Wednesday,) another kitten on Saturday, and this morning caught the Mama cat.

I think the kitten that's left has gone into hiding - I haven't seen it since we caught the Mama. Lew's reset the trap, so hopefully it'll get hungry and curious and this ordeal will be over with today.

One bright spot in all of this. The lady at AC said the kittens we brought in were all being fostered by the same person, so it's nice to know they're together. Hopefully, they'll reunite them all and eventually they'll all have a happy life with some nice humans.

*EDITED* - 3:04 PM
And then there were none. Just caught the last kitten and it's off to be reunited with its Mama and maybe its siblings. I'm glad that's over!

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At 6/11/2007 11:45 PM, Blogger Southern Girl said...

Oh, I'm so glad. Now let's just hope they all find good homes. I bet they're all young enough, even Mama Cat, to be domesticated very well.


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