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Sunday, August 12

Sarcomical Sunday...

Shoof, haven't done any meme-ing in a looooong time... !

One-word Sarcomical Sunday #11

For those who are new here, here are the rules: After you read my responses, copy and paste the entire list into your comment and replace my answers with yours. You can only use ONE word to answer each item, no matter how much you want to tell us more. We'll figure it out, especially if you choose perfect words. How's that for pressure? (sez Sarcomical hostess, Melissa)

Your Body Feels: weary
Your Mind Feels: full
The Last Thing You Ate: biscuits
Something On Your Desk/Workspace: camera
On Your Chest: bra
On Your Legs: jeans
On Your Feet: nada
Favorite Instrument to Hear: bagpipes
Your Last Kiss Happened Here: chair
Something You Wish You'd Invented: computer
Something You Wish Had Never Been Invented: cellphone
Favorite Place For a Quiet Afternoon: beach
Right Now You Should Be: productive
You Hate When People: mumble
You Love When People: laugh
When In Doubt, Order the: fries
Band You're Currently Into: undecided
How Many Movies You've Gone to See So Far This Month: 2
Your Favorite Big Brother 8 Houseguest: n/a
Your Least Favorite Big Brother 8 Houseguest: n/a
Your Maternal Grandmother's Name: Mary
Your First Childhood Pet's Name: Mickey
The Number of People in Your Family With Red Hair: zip
What You're Thinking about Doing After This: laundry
What You Really WISH You Were Doing After This: reading



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