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Sunday, June 8

Camera Critters - Chubby Robin

More Camera Critters can be seen here.

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Sitting at my computer as I do, I have a pretty good view of our back yard, and so see a good many various critters flitting, creeping, or flying about.

This handsome fellow came for a visit and very nicely hung around long enough for me to catch these shots of him from inside using the zoom.

Right before he flew away, he flew up on the bench and ruffled his feathers in preparation for take off.

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At 6/08/2008 12:20 AM, Blogger Juliana RW said...

love ur shots

Please visit mine also Thanks

At 6/08/2008 12:21 AM, Anonymous picturing said...

the 3rd pics was the timing shot before he flew up hi hi hi :D great.

My CC in here Thanks

At 6/08/2008 4:47 AM, Blogger i beati said...

I love it when people follow a bird or animal on this meme. So cool. sandy

At 6/08/2008 6:53 AM, Blogger babooshka said...

Excellent captures. I do like the bird shots.

At 6/08/2008 6:59 PM, Anonymous Beverly said...

Wow, Marianne. Great pictures. He was sure strutting his stuff for you.

At 6/08/2008 9:53 PM, Blogger Misty Dawn said...

Great post! I've been known to wonder quite a long way following critters to get good photos of them. You definitely got some fun shots here.

At 6/09/2008 11:39 PM, Blogger Lilli & Nevada said...

that is a great shot of the robin, i like to watch them


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