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Saturday, June 6

Ravenous little beasts!

So, today was our annual termite inspection. Fortunately, there's no sign of any activity... for now. Howsomeever, it's probably only a matter of time before they rear their ugly little swarming bodies and decide to invade my kitchen again.

We've had issues a couple of times since the original termite treatment -- when the house was built -- expired. The first time we had to have the drilling around the perimeter of the house treatment, inside and out. About ten years later, we had to have a couple of spot treatments. So now, about ten years after that, it's coming time to do something again and I'll be damned if I'm going to let them drill holes in my brand new (well, almost) family room floor... just not gonna happen!

Soooo, the company wants to sell us a new bait system, which supposedly
is very effective and would eliminate the need to drill holes. Of course, the initial cost is up there, and the annual fee is about 4 times what we pay now. Arrrgh! So far, from what I'm reading on-line, I'm not terribly impressed. Looks like we have a lot of research to do before any signing on the dotted line. In the meantime, I'm hoping they'll find somewhere else to dine until I'm ready to serve my fare.

You know, sometimes owning a house is a real pain in the posterior!

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