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Thursday, January 7

Holy ice cube, Batman!!

Brrrrrrrrr. Jeez, it's cold! The heat is on and we light a fire in the evenings. I have my handy-dandy little oscillating heater spreading its warmth beside me while I'm at my desk. So how come I'm still freezing my tush off? Along with a good bit of the rest of the country, winter has arrived here with a vengeance and with more snow expected tonight, things aren't looking very promising
anytime soon.

Why I'm sitting here in frigid MD, moaning about the cold instead of lying on a sunny beach somewhere in the Caribbean, I do not know. Piss-poor planning on my part, I guess. I should have me my own A-frame cabin on my own private beach sipping my own pina coladas and soaking up my very own rays! Where's my millionaire??

I know... I should be grateful I've even got heat, and I am, really I am. But all that gratefulness doesn't alter the fact that I'm still bloody cold.
*sigh* The only good thing about winter is Christmas!

Where's my nosewarmer??

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At 1/08/2010 4:51 PM, Blogger Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I know, it's so cold! I'm sitting here with gloves on my hands, bundled up and I get so excited every time I hear the central heat kick in :) We were due for a cold winter though, I think, and I'm hoping it helps kill some of the mosquitoes and fleas and stuff that bother us and the dog come warmer weather. Mostly, I'm just grateful to be able to stay in and not be out in this freezing weather - and that I have warm clothes, a warm home, heat and hot water!

Have a great day and STAY WARM!


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