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Wednesday, April 26

Handy little gadget...

I confess, I'm one of those kitchen gadget people. I collect more than I'll ever use, and have kitchen drawers, cabinets, and shelves full of them, but you just never know when you might need something, you know? Anyway, I digress... this here little gadget, the KitchenAid Chefs Chopper, is one of my better investments and one I use regularly.

It has a 3-cup capacity, just perfect for our needs, and makes chopping a cinch. It's a little noisy and only has one pulsing speed, but it works great and gets the job done very nicely.

Now, I hate chopping onions... and garlic is even worse. I just can't stand the smell they leave on my hands. For days afterwards, it seems. And nothing, not even the strongest smelling soap and/or lotion will mask the nasty odor of old onion or garlic. Ick! Over the years, I've tried all the little tricks - lemon juice, used coffee grounds, vanilla, etc. The most efficient method I've found, and one with the best results, is rubbing my hands on a piece of stainless - a spoon or knife, or even the stainless sink - while running under cold water.

Anyway, this little guy has made all of that unnecessary and paid for itself after chopping the first onion. Don't have to deal with drippy eyes or a runny nose either. I'm very fond of my little chopper - it lives in a special place on my kitchen counter, ready to whirr into action whenever duty calls.


At 4/26/2006 6:37 PM, Blogger debi said...

Now that is one cute little gadget! Might have to search one of those out. I actually don't mind chopping onions, for some reason. And I cheat by buying jars of minced garlic. But that thing is just so sticking cute...and it's red to match my kitchen.


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