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Thursday, January 4

Thursday Thirteen #Five: Hail to the Chief...

13 Presidents/Former Presidents in my Lifetime

My generation has lived through some pretty fascinating and historical times but it's always sad when we lose one of our leaders, past or present.

Twelve presidents have served in my lifetime, and with the passing of Gerald Ford, eight of them have died. Some lived to a ripe old age, Messrs. Ford (93,) Reagan (93,) and Hoover (90) among them, but others we lost much too soon, like Messrs. Kennedy (46,) Johnson (65,) and Roosevelt (63.)

I wouldn't remember Mr. Roosevelt's passing - I was only three - and though he served well before my time, Mr. Hoover lived until 1964. Too many of our leaders died in the 60's - John and Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. - and to my chagrin, Mr. Hoover slipped away with little notice on my part during those tumultuous times. I clearly remember the others, though.

Rest in peace, gentlemen - and thank you for your service to our country.

1. Herbert Clark Hoover - d. 20 Oct 1964
2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt - d. 12 Apr 1945

3. Harry S. Truman - d. 26 Dec 1972

4. Dwight David Eisenhower - d. 28 Mar 1969

5. John Fitzgerald Kennedy - d. 22 Nov 1963

6. Lyndon Baines Johnson - d. 22 Jan 1973

7. Richard Milhous Nixon - d. 22 Apr 1994

8. Gerald Rudolph Ford - d. 26 Dec 2006

9. James Earl Carter

10. Ronald Wilson Reagan - d. 05 Jun 2004

11. George Herbert Walker Bush

12. William Jefferson Clinton

13. George Walker Bush

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At 1/04/2007 6:24 AM, Blogger Nancy Maxwell James said...

beautiful tribute!
I saw President Ford when he came to Ann Arbor, MI. I was in the 6th grade. Still have his pins from when he ran for office! :)
On another note - Andrew was here for Christmas break - he returns to Georgia tomorrow :(

Happy New Year!

At 1/06/2007 5:50 PM, Blogger Teena said...

Good list!

Mine's up too :)


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