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Wednesday, March 14

Catch-up Sarcomicals...

Dawn can't believe she missed 2 of these... guess that makes me a total ostrich with my head stuffed somewhere other than in the sand cuz I've missed them all! So, now that I've discovered this fun little game from her, I'm gonna play catch-up too! The directions, as put forth by hostess Melissa at Sarcomical are:

So here's the drill for the newbies. After you read mine, copy and paste these into your comment, and replace my answer with yours. Simple, no? BUT WAIT. The trick is to get your UberIntelligent and/or UberWitty and/or UberBoring answer conveyed in just ONE WORD. I know, this is a lot to ask when you're dealing with important things in the world swirling all around you. But I have no doubt that you can accomplish the task. Are you ready?

One word Sarcomical Sunday #5
March 4, 2007

Your Current Footwear:

Something You're Doing Later: cooking

Something You Wish You Could Do Right Now: sunbathe

Your Age At the Time Of Your First Kiss: 13ish

Your Feelings About Global Warming: uncertain

A Sport You Wish Would Never Be Shown On Television: wrestling

Something On Your Desk that Shouldn't Be: dust

A Word To Describe The Current State of Your Sex Life: private

How the Sky Looks Right Now: dreary

Which of Snow White's 7 Dwarfs You'd Be: Happy

Your Preferred Birthday Cake: lemon
A Magazine You Subscribe To: none
Number of Piercings You Have: 4

Your Favorite Delivery/Takeout Item: pizza

A Game You Hate to Play: GTA

The Name of Your First Real-Life Crush: Billy

The Hand You Write With: right

The Hand You Wear Watches On: left

Your Clothes Closet: borderline

The Side of the Bed You Sleep On (from the on-the-bed perspective): right

A Flavor You Love: butterscotch

Your Car: gone

The Last Thing You Misplaced: instructions

Your High School Mascot: dunno

Your Wasted Talent: writing

One Word Sarcomical Sunday #6
March 11, 2007

Your Mood: stable
What You're Craving: sun

Your Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday

Your Mind: scattered

Something that Cheers You Up: grandkids

Something that Depresses You: clutter

Where Your Keys Rest at Night: purse

A TV Gameshow You Secretly Get Into: Wheel

The Way You Like Your Eggs: firm

Your Hair: colored

The Last Thing You Ordered Online: books

The Messiest Room In Your Home Right Now: family

Your Least Favorite Month: January

The Worst Fashion Fad You Participated In: minis

How Many Times In the Night You Get Up To Pee (on average): none

Your Journey: strengthening

A Sound that Makes You Happy: laughter

Your First Date: unremarkable

Something You Wish You Did More Often: travel

Something You Admire: honesty

The First Place You Go When You Get Home: potty

What You're Going to Do Now: lunch



At 3/14/2007 3:57 PM, Blogger ~**Dawn**~ said...

aren't One-Word Sarcomicals fun? she doesn't always do them every week, but she's trying to. i love them though.


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