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Monday, June 16

Terms of endearment??

Recently, I enjoyed a delightful visit with my siblings - two sisters, brother, and sis-n-law. As usual, we reminisced about the good ol' days, and sometimes reverted back to using the pet names we have for one another.

Afterwards, I got to thinking about nicknames and such and came up with this charming assortment of nicknames I've acquired over the years from
friends and loved ones:

  • Mimi - when I was just a little bits, so the story goes, I couldn't pronounce "mommy" and instead called my mother "mimi." That then became my nickname for many, many years - once and awhile a niece or nephew still uses it.
  • Mari-antry in the pantry - an endearment of unknown origin lovingly bestowed upon my tiny self by my mommy, and occasionally still used by my more senior sister. :)
  • Ware-ree (with emphasis on the 2nd syllable) - one of the less, uhmmm...unflattering labels attached to me from dear ol' dad - he knew it irritated me.;)
  • Skinnie minnie fishtail* - a real charmer those said same two sisters mentioned above stuck me with - I was extremely bony in my younger days, but I mean, really - what kind of name is that??
  • T-shirts - a real esteem booster handed to me back before I could fill in a bra, from a couple of mammary gland obsessed, overly-testosteroned male-types in Jr high school. :p
  • Mare - the shortened version of my given name that some friends and co-workers adopted over a period of time and one that I deal with much better than "Mary" - do not call me Mary!
  • Mamaha - a cutesy given to me by husband #1 back in the day when we tooled around on a Yamaha motorcycle.
  • Granny/Ol' Lady - along with the traditional "mom," truly a term of endearment from my #1 (and only, as he likes to remind me) son, (also subsequently adopted by his and my #1 son/grandson!)
  • Wicked Step Ma-Ma - lovingly, jokingly tagged with this one by Dr. Daughter (aka Lew's oldest child) and quickly taken up by the rest of her siblings! ;)
~ ~ ~
*So finally, after all these years, I made myself curious enough and did a little research on this on Google. Seems Teresa Brewer had a hit song of the same name back in the 50's. One of those novelty types about a fisherman and a mermaid and some rocks or some such. Anyway, the chorus, which I suppose sounded like a good name to stick my skinny self with, went thusly:

Skinnie minnie, skinny minnie fishtail
Catch-a me tonight
Skinnie minnie, skinny minnie fishtail
Squeeze-a me tonight
Hey - skinnie minnie, skinny minnie fishtail
Come an' catch-a me
I'll knock knock knock upon the rock until you catch-a me.

All righty then!

I really - no, really, I do - love my sisters... :)

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At 6/16/2008 7:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Marianne, I never knew you had so many nicknames and I also don't believe I ever knew your #1 drove a Yamaha. Hahahahahaha
Crawd - friend in business school (1966) stuck that one on me and she still uses it.

Fatso: Uncle Jerry (GRHS)

Clittiette the Stupid Idiot - your #1 husband

Sweet Petuttie: My husband

"Dearie" my husband and you pointed out that it wasn't a nice thing for him to call me.

"C-Love" all my daughters friends in high school.

Nanny - my grand children

Mommy dearest - jokingly from my friend at work who are constantly asking me for advice

At 6/17/2008 6:48 AM, Anonymous Jeanne said...

Marianne, I got a kick out of your nicknames. I have a few too. A great post idea.

Thank you for visiting my sight on pink Sat. I was out of town and am just getting around to my comments that day.

Take care, Jeanne

At 6/17/2008 4:56 PM, Anonymous Beverly said...

Marianne, you have me sitting here laughing out loud. I love all of your nicknames. They are quite colorful.


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