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Wednesday, July 8

Not your ordinary visitor...

So, I'm hanging over my porch railing, clipping some creepy-looking leaf gall off of my azalea (compliments of all the rain and cool weather we've had these past several months,) when I look up and see a couple walking by with what at first looks like one really biiiiig dog. I did a double take and then realized I was looking at the rear-end of a GOAT on a leash, walking down the road! Now, I know we live out here in the rolling hills of Frederick county where we have our share of cows, horses, and other farm critters, but still. You usually see them on the farms, not walking down the street in your residential development, you know?

So I sez to the couple "is that a goat?" (brilliant observation, huh?) which of course prompted them to stop for a chat. Seems our neighbors (they live a few houses down) are good samaritans who rescue animals. They rent a pasture nearby where they keep several goats, sheep, and even a horse. I've never seen them, but occasionally they bring the sheep to their house to "trim" the lawn. The stuff you find out when you're going about your day!

The little guy's name is TyeDye and what a friendly little guy he is. He let me pet him and I discovered goats have very coarse hair. But, underneath that coarse guard hair is a soft undercoat of cashmere (or mohair, depending on the kind of goat.) They've got weird eyes too -- with rectangular pupils. The better to keep watch over broad flat areas against predators and such. Oh, and did you know they poop little pellets?? Just like rabbits. Pop, pop, pop -- out they come, like bubbles. Fascinating stuff!

My friendly visitor,

TyeDye the goat.

While we talked, he attracted good bit of attention
. Two mommy neighbors drove by with their kiddies, and stopped to ask if they could come in to see the goat. The little ones were enthralled by the idea of a goat in the front yard. It was cute.

An interesting diversion to an otherwise ordinary day.

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At 7/08/2009 2:07 PM, Blogger Desert Songbird said...

Well, that's certainly an interesting way to break up the tedium of an otherwise non-eventful day!

At 7/13/2009 11:06 AM, Blogger Katney said...

Living in a country area ourselves there is little that surprises us. usually it revolves around the neighbor's chickens helping themselves to the catfood, or the chihuahua from down the road doing the same. He is very possessive and will not let the cats near.

But one day a year or so ago I answered the door to two boys askign if they could go in our yard to get their ball. Well, sure. But I misunderstood. It was not their ball that had accidentally been thrown/kicked/hit into our yard. It was their bull that had wandered in.

They kept watch on the huge beast while their dad went home and got a cow on a lead to lure the big guy home.

No one was interested in petting him.


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