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Wednesday, January 13

Simple pleasures

Mmmmm, mmmm, mmm!
Earlier last year, I broke down and joined the reed diffuser lovers crowd. I bought a scent at Target, Lavender Lemongrass, and have been loving me one of the the yummiest aromas I've ever sniffed. What a treat!

As this totally intoxicating aroma wafts about my desk, it's almost enough to make one swoon! Not overwhelming or cloying like some of these things can be, but more of a delicate, clean, fresh scent. Delicious stuff!

The only problem is you can't get refills. Erg! For some strange reason the company (Method Home) makes all kinds of refills for their other products, but not a one for the aroma sticks. Very puzzling... not to mention frustrating.

Hopefully they'll rectify the situation soon cuz my last bit of supply is about to run out and while it may be the manufactuers strategy, I won't be buying a new diffuser every time the scent fades, no matter how much I like it. I'll just enjoy it while I can, then write a letter of complaint or reluctantly try something else.


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At 1/14/2010 9:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish not acquiesce in on it. I regard as warm-hearted post. Particularly the title attracted me to review the whole story.

At 1/15/2010 9:41 AM, Blogger claudia said...

Mornin' Marianne.
I went to Target last night intending to buy you your favorite
reed difuser fragrance but alas, they didn't even carry that brand. I was disappointed that I couldn't surprise you.
Love, Claudia


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