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Wednesday, September 22

Fair weather...

When September rolls into town, so rolls The Great Frederick Fair. After our brutally hot summer, the temperatures have fallen to a more tolerable level, so under cool skies of blue, off we went yesterday to enjoy a day at the Fair.

There was antique farm equipment...

all kinds of animals...

mama and her future '"baa, baa black sheep"

one biiig piggy mama

and her ten little piggies

baby chicks

this little one was barely two hours old

bovine advertising

a very haughty alpaca pair

another mama and her kid

rides for the other kind of kids, young and old...

the usual oddity shows...

a mere two of the innumerable displays...

pretty fall florals

see that big guy on the left?
next to that puny 205 lb one?

it's a whopping 364 pounder!!!


and, of course, food, food, and more food...

the requisite funnel cake

okay, my curiosity finally got the best of me and
I had to try a deep-fried Twinkie (with raspberry
sauce) that I've been hearing about for years...
oh, gag me with a spoon - disgustingly sweet!!

I opted to pass on the deep-fried Snickers, Oreos, and strawberries, but next year I'm definitely going for a deep-fried pickle! ;-)

An annual fun experience!

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At 9/22/2010 11:52 AM, Blogger Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun day and lots of really bad for you food, LOL! So glad it feels like fall up there, still feels very summer-like here. Have a great day :)


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