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Wednesday, September 15

Getting squirrely...

Well, it seems to happen every year now. The cooler weather hits, my hoarding gene kicks in, and I get an overwhelming need to refill my cupboards and freezer with vittles to hold us through the winter months. I swear, I must be part squirrel or something!

You might remember my po'd post several months back about our nasty ground beef woes; well, a friend introduced us to an Amish meat store and we've been having pretty good luck with their ground beef. It's a bit inconvenient - up the road apiece, just over the PA line - but their prices are reasonable, the meat tastes good, and it's a pretty drive. All in all, a better deal than our local grocers.

So, having a fresh supply of beef, I've spent the past few days doing kitchen duty. Made and froze a couple of favorites...
taco soup and bbq meatballs... along with chicken spaghetti and lima bean casserole. I like experimenting every once and awhile, so I've also made up some homemade seasoning mixes for future use.

Now I really need to get my pantry organized... I'm running out of shelf space!



At 9/15/2010 8:27 PM, Blogger Laurie said...

Ok Marianne, you have me curious! Taco soup, lima bean casserole and chicken spaghetti. Would love to know how you make them!

At 9/16/2010 2:00 AM, Blogger marianne said...

I sent you an email, Laurie! :-)


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