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Friday, March 5


The squeaky wheel gets the oil... I love when retailers do the right thing!

We were getting a little low on a few things in the freezer, so we picked up about 6 pounds of ground beef to remedy the situation.

Yesterday I made a batch of sloppy joes and a pot of taco soup, and was going to cook up the rest today. Most of what I made went into the freezer after cooling but I kept out enough sloppy joe mix for dinner last night.

Well, ugh!! Have you ever bit into a tough sloppy joe?? I mean, how bad can ground beef be to end up with a tough sloppy joe?? It was like chewing on a mouthful of chopped rubber bands... truly nasty!!

Oh wonderful, thought I. Now I have several meals worth of food that I know is going to be icky. Lovely. Plus, I still had almost 4 more pounds of the slop!

Well, we decided that we've put up with sub-standard quality long enough - good, un-gristly ground beef is becoming a real rarity in these parts - so Lew took it back to the store this morning and voiced our unhappiness with the deteriorating quality of the meat.

We got an apology, an explanation (they grind the meat in-house but have no control over what they receive from their supplier) and a refund for not only what we returned, but for the entire amount! Now, that's how you keep a customer happy... and returning to your store!!



At 3/06/2010 3:36 PM, Anonymous Cindy said...

Good for you guys. It is common for the retailers to keep providing substandard products until many complain. Hopefully they will change where they get the meat that they sell. The big question is...did you throw away what you already cooked? or do you have to suffer through it again and again until it is all gone?

At 3/06/2010 9:28 PM, Blogger marianne said...

well, you know me, I hate to throw away food! sooooo, I'm hoping the soup won't be so bad - enough other stuff to chew with it - but if the sloppy joes aren't tolerable next time then, yeah, I'll just pitch it. Now we have to find a place to get good hamburger - we're running out of options!

At 3/16/2010 9:06 AM, Blogger ~**Dawn**~ said...

I hope you can find some good ground beef! Are there any butchers in your area that you might have better luck with? You may pay a little more--or not!--but even if you did, better quality might be worth it.

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