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Thursday, February 4

Still more of the white stuff...

Oh lordy, I am so not looking forward to this one. We're in for a massive winter storm that promises to out-perform what we had on December 19-20. Apparently it's going to be another one for the books. Oh joy!

They're talking a real nor'easter blizzard here, with one to two inches of snow/hour and 18-24" when it finally stops sometime Saturday evening. Along with crippling ice.

It's been the #1 news story in these parts for days now, and the entire area is closing down in anticipation of this thing.
The whole region has gone into storm preparedness panic mode. The schools are closed, businesses are closed, airports are closing, snow equipment is already on the road with salt and liquid deicer and it's not even expected until early tomorrow afternoon! Grocery store shelves are empty and people are fighting over snow shovels, for crying out loud! (Folks get a little crazy around here when it snows... it's traditional.)

If it does what they think it's going to do, it will be a storm of a historic nature, making it one of the Top Ten of all time for this area. Which will, in turn, make it two Top Tens in one winter since December's storm was a book-maker too.

And then... and then... if all goes according to plan... the snow gods will give us some more on Tuesday!!

Send the St. Bernards if you don't hear from me by spring...

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At 2/05/2010 12:45 PM, Anonymous Cindy said...

This time I really feel for you. That is way, way too much snow for anyone time. I remember one winter when we were living in Frederick, the snow was above my head. I DID NOT LIKE that. So just keep warm and stay in your cacoon. Maybe it won't be that bad! :-)


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