"I know for sure that everything in life happens to help us live."
Oprah Winfrey

Monday, January 25

The gods were angry...

Oh.my.word!! I don't know who tinkled in Mother Nature's Cheerios, but what a storm she threw at us last night!!

There was lightning. There was roaring wind. There was bazillion gallons of rain. I fully expected to wake up this morning and find us and our house floating down the road!

It was
truly awful. Kept me awake off and on all night. I had visions of our shed ending up in pieces in the farmer's field. I expected to find half our roof gone. I just knew the family room floor would be wet by the patio door, but I was afraid to go down and look! How dumb was that?? Even the cats were restless. But Lew? Oh, not a problem... he slept right through it all!!

This morning there was a variety of dead branches in peoples yards and Lew found a shingle (presumably from our roof) in the road, but other than a full creek/river and some flood warnings, that looks like the extent of the damage. Our bird feeder didn't even fly away! Amazing!

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