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Sunday, February 21


... the place continues to impress me to pieces.

I had told #1 granddaughter that we'd get the crib for her new lil bits. The one she wanted came on sale and I was all set to go ahead and get it when I discovered that whoa, wait a minute... they (Target) wanted $100+ just to ship it!!! So, sez me to meself, "oh no, no, no... let me check out Amazon and see if they carry it there." Ta da!! They did!

Soooo, after a bit of research with Consumer Reports and other sources (I'm so out of touch with these things!!) I went ahead and ordered it, along with a well-ranked crib mattress. This was on Wednesday afternoon, the 17th.

On Thursday, the 18th, I was notified the mattress had shipped, and yesterday, the 20th, said mattress was in my granddaughter's possession in South Carolina!! The crib is scheduled to ship tomorrow, the 22nd, so she'll have that sometime within the week too.

I paid the normal price
, but it was all FREE shipping!! And, even if I had had to pay shipping, it would have only been $59 and change for both pieces. Can you stand it? I love that place!!



At 2/23/2010 1:17 PM, Blogger Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I love Amazon too! I must admit, I mostly order books and gadgets, but I know they have tons of stuff. Every time I see something at Target, I do know to go look there, and sometimes it is cheaper or goes on sale. You got a really good deal, and quick too!

I stay away from it, but my husband loves eBay. he's found us some really good deals there, on specific things we were looking for. Cheaper than Amazon almost every time, but it does take a lot more work and patience. Worth it to save the money most of the time, though :)

Have a great day!

At 2/24/2010 1:06 PM, Anonymous Beverly said...

Congratulations on the coming great-grandson. I have found great deals at Amazon, too.

I am just back to work this week. It had been so long since I felt like visiting, and I missed everyone.


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