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Friday, February 24

Let's talk feet...

Specifically, feet care. I don't know 'bout anyone else... well, actually I do, but anyway ... I have the driest feet on the planet. Not just in Maryland, not just in the U.S. - On.The.Entire.Planet. If I don't keep after them religiously, I get cracks and crevices in my heels that would rival the Grand Canyon. Huge gullies that hurt like a son-a-ma-beech and make me have to walk around with Band-Aids and Neosporin on my heels for two days. Try that if you have to wear hose and high heels! It's easier now at home, where I putz around in socks, but when I was working, I kept L'eggs in business! I've battled this problem most of my adult life, and it did not get any better with time. All in all, It's been a real pita.

After trying every lotion, balm, cream, and oil known to man, with nothing really working consistently for any length of time, I've finally discovered a few products that actually help. My #1 DGD (dear granddaughter, remember?) gave me some a couple of Christmases ago and a pedicurist introduced me to the others.

Earth Therapeutics (I get mine at Kohl's) has a line of foot care that I really like and that works for me. First is the foot scrub. I think it's about $7-8.

Then, there's this nifty little Swedish file from the good doctor of feet, Scholl, that works miracles, in and of itself. It has a fine and coarse side and you can use it wet or dry. Costs about $3-4 at your local Walmart or drug store.
After scrubbing, smoothing, and drying, more Earth Therapeutics in the form of a refreshing, not-really-greasy balm that leaves my feet feeling silky smooth. About another $7.
Final treatment, available at Bed, Bath and Beyond from their Blue Spa line, is the Lay It On Thick cream w/shea butter. It's a bit pricier, $15-20 depending on size, and also greasier, but well worth it for the results you get.

I do the scrub weekly, the file when needed, and the balm/cream thing nightly. Sometimes I use various other delicious products I've received as gifts, but this is my SOP. 'Course the ideal way to go is to treat oneself to a regularly scheduled pedicure. In lieu of that though, this regimen at least keeps me from having to keep Quikrete on hand and I don't have to keep my tootsies under wraps.


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