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Friday, April 21

Let's play tag...

Got tagged with this from Dawn's blog...

5 things you need to know

5 things:

in my fridge

1. home-made sweet dill pickles
2. grape juice
3. American, Velveeta, cheddar, Monterey Jack, provolone, parmesan-reggiano cheeses
4. Lemon and Pina Colada yogurts
5. Vidalia onion salad dressing

in my closet

1. a six-pack of new socks
2. 2 pair of binoculars
3. ginormous plastic jug of pennies sitting in a plastic crate of wrapped penny rolls & extra wrappers
4. lint-remover brush
5. hamper-full of dirties

in my purse

1. a mini tape measure
2. spearmint Certs
3. sunglasses
4. Proventil inhaler
5. Pearle Vision pre-moistened lens cloths

in my car (I don't have a car anymore, but when I did...)

1. umbrella
2. blanket
3. window breaking tool
4. travel pack of diaper wipes
5. tapes

on my TiVo (assuming i had TiVo) - which I don't

1. movies of some kind
2. tennis
3. I
4. Just
5. Dunno... i watch the stuff when it's on!

I tag:

1. anyone who feels like playing along

Please leave a comment so we can check your blog out!


At 4/21/2006 7:05 PM, Blogger debi said...

Sounds like you've got some yummy stuff in your fridge!
That was fun...I'm definitely going to do that one myself as soon as I get a chance. Thanks!

At 4/23/2006 12:48 AM, Blogger ~Krystyn~ said...

So, you've made me curious..what do you do with a mini tape measure in your purse?

At 4/23/2006 12:17 PM, Blogger me said...

lol, Krystyn - you just never know when you're going to need to measure something to see if it'll fit! ;)


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