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Wednesday, July 16

The boys are back in town... almost

It's not really summer around here unless, and until, we have one, two, or more grandkids running around. After getting to enjoy little Winston for the 4th of July weekend, we'll be driving down to the Roanoke area this weekend to do the half-way pick-up thing for Christopher and Michael.

It should be an interesting few weeks with TWO teenage boys! Now sixteen and thirteen,
their interests have expanded proportionately with each passing year. We've gotten well beyond the days when Uno, Sorry, movies, or day trips to DC, Baltimore, Gettysburg, and surrounding landmarks keeps them entertained. Now they've set their sights further afield for more sophisticated destinations... like a repeat of last year's trip to NYC... and other "something different, mommaw" places! ;)

While we probably won't be schlepping up to NY again this year, we're thinking a quick trip to Philadelphia and the Liberty Bell might serve to satisfy a bit of their new scenery and historical interest desires. Maybe Mount Vernon and Monticello will get thrown in too. And Annapolis. Or Williamsburg. Maybe Luray Caverns. I dunno, we'll think of something... but we'll be having a good time whatever we do. I'm just glad they still want to come visit mommaw and poppaw at these 'advanced' ages... ours and theirs!

I'm excited. :D

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At 7/16/2008 3:16 PM, Blogger Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh, that's wonderful Marianne! I love that they still want to come, you must be very cool grandparents :) Can't wait to hear (and see!) where all you guys get to visit.

Have a safe trip, going to meet them half way.


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