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Sunday, August 3

Recycling... it's for the birds

Taking advantage of a gloriously breezy summer day, we took a drive 'round and about the area. While looking for a place to stop and check the map, we came across this quaint little establishment along the road.

There were scads and gobs of birdhouses all over the place. On multiple shelves in the front and side yards and even perched atop rusty old shovels and various other strange structures in the back.

The craftsperson who lives here is not only an obvious lover of our fine feathered friends, but environmentally conscientious as well. All of these charming birdie motels were made from bits and scraps of apparently old, used, and discarded materials... wood, metal, speakers, license plates, stove pipes(!) etc.

I suppose they could qualify as 'shabby chic' but their less than pristine condition leads me to think the pricing might be just a skosh ambitious ... even for custom-made abodes. That large cabin on the left with the speaker/door was tagged at $45.00! Might be why they don't seem to be moving very quickly ... ;)



At 8/04/2008 8:30 AM, Blogger Dawn said...

The pictures of the birdhouses are nice. :) I agree the prices are a bit "ambitious"...but then again I am cheap!

take care,


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