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Sunday, October 4


Fredericktowne held it's annual Oktoberfest at the fairgrounds this weekend, so we decided to mosey on over and check it out yesterday. The weather was perfect, crisp and clear with sunny, blue skies so we looked forward to a good day.

There were various vendors selling their wares, including one place with cute alpacas and alpaca products. We sampled the German beer, some traditional foods, and enjoyed some oom-pah music. We chatted with a bunch of friendly folks, contributed to the benefiting charities by spending more than we should on cute or pretty, and we had fun!

This year's logo

one of the fleecy alpacas

cute scarecrow decor

deep fried and slathered with sour cream... to die for!!

costumed fraus

buttery, flaky apple streudel - delicious!

Items carved with a chainsaw, then decorated.
See that doofy dude on the far right?
He now resides on my front porch for the fall season! ;)

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At 10/26/2009 6:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marianne -

Could you give me directions to find your chainsaw sculptors.

Loved your blog!

Bethesda, MD


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