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Friday, September 24

Passing it on...

About 24-1/2 years ago, my first grandchild came into my life - a precious, sweet little baby girl who captured and has kept my heart from my very first sight of her in her mama's arms.

When she was still just a teeny, tiny little thing, I took to rocking and singing to her to soothe and ease her tiny self into peaceful slumber. This continued well into childhood and when she became too big to be held and rocked, I still sang her special song to her at bedtime. Bedtime rocking and singing
became our own special bonding time. To this day, if I begin to sing or hum her song, it can still make her sleepy. :-)

As she grew older, she asked if I would save "her" rocking chair so that when she grew up and had her own baby, she could rock hers to sleep too. And so I did. I kept it safely stored away for her until she wanted it.

about three months ago, when that same precious, sweet baby girl gave birth to her own child... an equally precious baby boy... I passed on the rocking chair. She has fixed up Baby B's room adorably and I know that my first great-grandchild will have many sweet, sweet memories of being rocked and sung to by his mommy. Maybe his first child will too!

The rocking chair then - 1986
being rocked by her Poppaw

The rocking chair now - 2010
ready for baby duty again

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At 9/24/2010 4:50 PM, Blogger grina said...

i kinda cried when i read this. i love you anddo hope baby b will feel the same about this chair as we do.

At 9/25/2010 1:05 AM, Blogger Laurie said...

How special Marianne, a beautiful story. I'm sure the tradition will continue for a couple more generations. Wonderful!


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